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Rescues in Richmond - New print run!

Rescues in Richmond - New print run!


UPDATE! We’re doing a third print run of Volume I! This has been sold out for more than a year!


Preorders are still open! However, the print run has been ordered! I've ordered extra but there is a chance your book will not be in the first batch. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns! 


Pickup at the launch party on June 9, 2024 (Blue Bee Cider), local pickup, or shipping mid-to-late June 2024! Contact me for pricing to ship international orders.


Note: I am using a new printer for the new print run of Volume I and Volume II. I got great pricing! The printing is high quality and gorgeous. The new books are slightly different in size and the colors print a bit differently than the prior printer. The images above are from the original print run. New photos will be taken and posted soon!


Rescues in Richmond is a limited-edition collection of portraits celebrating Richmond, Virginia’s rescue pets. This book features nearly 170 animals, including Buttercup, a mischievous calf found wandering the streets of the city; Penny, a loving dog who survived being hit by a train; Sue, a cat who wandered into a florist’s shop 10 years ago and never left; and Zeke, a therapy dog who loves being read to by kids. ​


All profits will be donated to Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) Foundation, which provides RACC, Richmond’s only open-admission shelter, with funding for life-saving medical treatment. ​


A donation of $7,000 has been made to RACC Foundation! Thank you so much for your support!!! An additional donation will be made with profits from the third print run!


Details ​ Hardcover | 8x10 | 238 pages


Your payment may show up as "WixPayments" or "ADC Photo Richmond VA" on your credit card statement. 


*No books will be shipped the week of June 24th* 


Pickup at book launch party on June 9, 2024, local pickup up after June 9th, and shipments will begin mid-to-late June 2024
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